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Photo Courtesy Erin McCardell

Photo Courtesy Erin McCardell


Dressage obsessed?  SHADBELLY is for you! Whether you compete professionally at Grand Prix or are just happy to survive your first Training Level test, you and your horse work hard, so when it's time to show, you want to shine.  

So go ahead and explore the possibilities.  Rethink the styles and colors that look best on you and your horse.  Play around with some simple do-it-yourself projects that can make your off-the-rack show coat really sparkle.  Incorporate some of your riding clothes into your everyday wardrobe and relish the complements. Come on, join the conversation!


Rules?  There aren't many on SHADBELLY!  Seriously, this blog is intended to provide an open forum for ideas.  We're all different and so are our horses, with VERY different opinions about dressage fashion.  But that's what makes this forum fun.  So go ahead and comment.  Tell us what you love and what you "don't love".  The only rule is that posted comments be respectful.  Hurtful, rude, condescending, or off-topic comments will be crushed to obliteration under the heels of our glorious new dark brown Konig boots.

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SHADBELLY is a niche fashion blog for the equestrian sport of dressage. Since launching in January 2014, SHADBELLY has consistently reached new readers every month. We live to connect our readers to great products and companies we believe in!

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Love, Verve & High Scores to All


P.S. The Fine Print

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